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The Complaint Office

Hate-mail to the world

The Complaint Office: The letters you never send
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All Members , Moderated
"Dear ______,

Just writing to say, you ruined my everything. Nice job failing at life.

The guy who will crush your trachea."

The Complaint Office:
Please file your bitching appropriately!

The complaint office exists for every shocked, angry or confused statement you've ever had to keep in your head, shout in your car, or mutter under your breath. Share your hate with the world and feel better about it!
Construct a simple letter of complaint to the object of your loathing (animal, vegetable or mineral) and file it with us! We will share in your ire and share our own.

"Won't this lead to flaming?" Yes, probably. If it's wangsty and annoying, it will be frozen. If it's funny and amusing to those watching, flame away. The moderators are not here to protect your feelings. This is a bitching forum, get it?

"What's the point?" It's funny and it makes you feel better. Try it!

"I want to write a letter, but I want to do it anonymously!" Don't be a pussy. Ok ok, if you must be, then there will be occasional open complaint posts for anonymous complaints. Wait for it, or cowboy up and use your journal.

Have fun!! Get it off your chest!

The Tag System:
When posting, try and remember to tag posts with the type of complaint it is (what sort of thing is being complained to or about.)
Tags to use:
Actor, Artist, Author, Book, Business, Celebrity, Comic Book, Community, Culture, Enemy, Fictional Character, Friend, Movie, Music, Musician, Product, Series, Service, Stranger, Traffic, Video Game, Web Site, Other