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Amy [userpic]
Is it too late to hate Florida and all it represents?
by Amy (cutedestruction)
at August 3rd, 2006 (12:37 pm)

current mood: annoyed

Dear First Daytona Tag Agency,

I understand that I made the grave error of not being born in this state. It's admirable that you want to keep people from moving here- after all, you're one big tourist area, and people should VISIT, not LIVE here, right?

However, don't you think it might've been more effective if I'd been given some notice before being required to pay two hundred dollars for daring to make this my state of residence? The hour-and-a-half wait at the counter was a big deterrent as well, yes, but it's honestly a bit late for these tactics.

Also, please count yourself lucky that I'm allergic to jails, as that is the only reason I didn't leap over the counter and strangle the mouthbreather you have for a clerk. DEAR GOD, WOMAN, ITS JUST A FORM ON THE COMPUTER. YOU ONLY HAVE TO COPY IT OVER FROM WHAT YOU JUST NOW WROTE DOWN. ITS NOT THAT FUCKING HARD.

Apparently reduced to capslock,